Prerequisites for FOSSA On-Prem

This doc only applies for FOSSA on-prem users! Ignore if you use

  • Linux Box with:

    • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    • Static IP address (accessible to users in your organization)
    • 16 GB RAM

    • 80 GB HDD

    • Docker 1.3+ (config'd to use devicemapper over AUFS), Bash 3.2+, curl & tar
    • Port 80 (or whatever configured) exposed in firewall
  • SMTP server

  • Postgres 9.3+ on a machine with >16 GB RAM, >30 GB HDD

Prepare the following:

  • External IP (accessible to your users) of the box running FOSSA
  • SMTP server host/port
  • Postgres host, port, username & password
  • Database in Postgres named "fossa", accessible to the user

Make sure all of these endpoints are accessible from the machine running FOSSA.

Once ready, contact support to schedule an installation or ssh into your Ubuntu machine and proceed to install FOSSA.