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Personal Plan
FREE up to 5 repos, public or private

Continuous dependency tracking & license checks to keep your code clean

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For Business   $99 - 499/repo/mo

on-prem available   Flat pricing after 10 Repos

Enterprise-grade license scanning & compliance automation, running across your development / releases

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Personal is for small teams and projects to replace manual auditing, scripts and lightweight commercial utilities for license / dependency tracking.

For Business adds full code scanning, compliance automation and more to help companies set up an enterprise-grade compliance program in minutes.

Scanning & Analysis


Standard license checks

Checks all the standard ways your dependencies are licensed for harmful terms (i.e. manifests, license notices, documentation, websites and more). Supports subdirectories and deeper dependencies (to a depth of 3).


Unrestricted code scanning

Alongside standard checks, FOSSA runs full license scans across all deep dependencies per-commit. Detects hidden / embedded GPL; necessary for most corporate compliance programs.

Reporting & Compliance Documentation


Basic reports and notices

Generate shallow dependency reports, license notices and attribution files in a variety of formats. Perfect for READMEs, open source projects and basic due dilligence.


Deep component reports

Full, customizable reports that include all deep dependencies, embedded licenses, code audit data, and more. FOSSA can host these files for you online and update them automatically.



Full cloud integrations

Fully integrate with your favorite tools and services. Out of the box, FOSSA can send of Slack notifications, block pull requests on Github, and more.


Custom integrations

Integrate custom tools or license policies using unlocked features, APIs and services - even if they live behind your corporate firewall.

Deployment & Support


Basic support

FOSSA only takes a few clicks to set up, but our team will still relentlessly help you get onboarded and successful.


Onboarding & SLAs

SLAs are bundled into your license with additional service options. Our team offers on-prem installations (behind your firewall / VPC), custom onboarding and premium support.

And much more...

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