Rubygems (Alpha)

FOSSA supports projects that use Rubygems and Bundler. We are currently on Ruby v2.3.3

We look for and analyze the following files for license and dependency information

  • .gemspec
  • Gemfile
  • Gemfile.lock

FOSSA will find any package available on

We use the weekly data dumps to gather info on all gems.


Declared licenses in .gemspec files will be picked up

Dependency Resolution

We use Bundler (version: ~>1.6.0) to resolve dependencies. If a Gemfile.lock is available, then we will use the version given there for a dependency. We will ignore all development dependencies (added in .gemspec file with add_development_dependency) and all dependencies in the :test and :development groups in your Gemfile.


  • If a project is not available in the latest weekly data dump, FOSSA will not analyze it.
  • We currently do not support custom sources. If a gem is not available on, we won't pick it up.
  • We currently do not support private gems that need authentication.
  • We currently do not support gems from git or github sources.