1. Why does my project not have any dependencies?

    Projects without any dependencies are known as partially supported environments. Below is an image of what you might see on the project summary page.

    Partially Supported Environments

    There are 3 reasons this might be the case:

    • The project is not supported. See what languages are supported in our importing projects documentation.
    • The project is misconfigured and cannot be analyzed. Check out our individual language documentation for more details.
    • The project is having trouble being analyzed. Reach out to support for help.
  2. Why are there missing dependencies?

    • The project contains multiple languages and one or more are not supported. See what languages are supported in our importing projects documentation.
    • The dependencies could not be resolved or analyzed. If this is the case, reach out to support for help.
    • There are dependencies that are being included in non-traditional ways. They can be manually included via the dependency manager (Project Summary > Dependencies).
  3. Why are there so many issues?

    Fossa pulls is every dependency and all your dependencies' dependencies. This is a recursive operation that can pull in thousands of dependencies. Issues are created against each dependency that is included. There are a couple of strategies that can help reduce the noise:

    • Some times the best thing to do is limit what you look at the triage and fix issues. Navigate to issue scan settings (Project Settings > Issue Scanners) and lower your level of detail.
    • Create policies that best reflect what you're interested. See the policies documentation for more information.
    • Some languages allow you to limit which dependencies you look at by scope. Take a peek at the Java documentation for more detail.
  4. How can I generate reports in Fossa?

    Navigate to Project Summary > Generate Report. You can download reports in various formats (Markdown, HTML, PDF) and generate a publically accessible link.

  5. Why isn't FOSSA loading in my browser?

    We recommend using FOSSA with the latest version of Google Chrome, however FOSSA works with Internet Explorer (> IE9), Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and any other modern browser.